16 Jun 2017
5 Common Threats to Your Colorado Lawn and How to Counter Them

5 Common Threats to Your Colorado Lawn and How to Counter Them

Every lawn sees its share of damage. We use them for countless activities, and they’re constantly exposed to the elements.

While having all four seasons is a great experience to have living in Colorado, it can require extra flexibility and diligence in your lawn care. Here are five threats to the greenness of your lawn, and how you can combat them for the greenest grass on the block.


27 Apr 2017
How to Use Food Compost as Lawn Fertilizer

How to Use Food Compost as Lawn Fertilizer

When your lawn is struck with dead, brown spots or grass that won’t quickly grow, what do you think of first? Probably lawn fertilizers, aeration, sprinkler systems and grass seed come to mind.

While those options are effective, there’s one route that’s one of the most natural ways to treat your yard, and you can do it yourself: food composting.


01 Sep 2016

4 Weeds to Get Out of Your Lawn Immediately

Although mowing and fertilizing are two of the most important aspects of lawn care, weeds can wreak havoc on your yard, undoing the meticulous work you’ve already done. Not only do they cause an unsightly mess, but they also choke out portions of your grass, making weed eradication a top priority. If you wish to maintain a lawn that’s the envy of the neighborhood, make sure to kill these weeds before they wipe out your beautiful yard.


15 Jul 2016

When and For How Long Should I Water My Colorado Lawn?

There’s a lot of controversy about how often and how much people should water their lawns. Depending on the climate and the weather of your region, your watering schedule might differ from someone five states away. These tips and tricks should help you understand exactly how and when to water your Colorado lawn to have the greenest, most beautiful lawn all summer.READ MORE

01 Jul 2016

8 Amazing Summer Lawn Care Tips

With the arrival of summer comes all sorts of issues with lawns and lawn care. Between the bugs, the heat, and the increased lawn use, it can be very difficult to keep a yard green and vibrant. It’s important to maintain regular lawn care and maintenance in order to ensure a beautiful bed of grass 365 days a year. Here are eight tips to help keep your lawn looking brilliant and save you time in your lawn care routine.


15 Jun 2016

What’s the Difference Between Dead and Dormant Grass?

In the summertime, lawns are often more reminiscent of long stalks of wheat than green, luscious grass. Thanks to blistering heat and unpredictable rainfall patterns, even the best care is sometimes not enough to prevent a lawn from turning yellow and dry. However, simply because your grass is brown doesn’t necessarily mean it’s dead.

Here is some information about the difference between dead and dormant grass and what this should mean for your lawn care plans.READ MORE

01 Jun 2016

What Does Hail Season Mean for Your Lawn & Landscaping?

In the summer, many homeowners struggle to keep their lawn green and healthy. Unless homeowners are careful, the blistering sun and unpredictable rainfall pattern can cause grass and shrubs to wilt and die. However, since summer is hail season, too much rain or sun are far from the only threats lawns and gardens face. Come hail season, here are a few changes all homeowners should make to lawn care and landscaping.READ MORE