Why Steam Cleaning Your Carpets?

Types of soiling encountered in your carpet

Your carpet is under continuous assault from three basic soiling agents: dry soil, water born soil, and oil born soil. Dry soil such as sand, dust and dirt are tracked in, carried in or blown in by the wind. Most dry soil can be removed by vacuuming, however, dry soil that has worked deeply into thick carpet takes a vacuum more powerful than most home units. Water based soil such as coffee, tea, mud and slush soak into carpet fibers and backing, as does oil based soil which can be tracked in from the street or kitchen. Once oil has coated the fibers of your carpet it combines with the dry and water based soil, forming a powerful bond to each strand.

Other cleaning methods

Detergents will break the bond of most oils and loosen many water born stains. The big problem with detergent cleaning is that soap containing the original soil is often left in carpet fibers or deep in the backing and padding. After detergent scrubbing or shampooing, your carpet will look clean for a time until the dirt and detergent begin to re-coat the fibers. Dry cleaning is another method sometimes used.

The most effective and recommended method

Steam Cleaning is a most effective method of removing soil. The high temperatures (180-185 degrees) break the bond between soil and fiber while a powerful vacuum extracts the high velocity steam and the dirt it carries. 94% of Professional Carpet Cleaners use Hot Water Extraction (Steam) Cleaning as their primary method for residential carpet cleaning. No carpet cleaning method removes all soiling, but Hot Water Extraction Cleaning, when done properly by a trained, certified professional cleaner, is the most effective carpet cleaning method for removing the greatest percentage of soiling. Rentals have less vacuum power than truck-mounted vacuums, so they will not be able to pull all of the water out. Hot Water Extraction is the only method that uses water to freely rinse cleaning solutions from the carpet the same way you use water to rinse your fabrics when they are cleaned in a clothes washer. Hot Water Extraction, used properly, leaves the least amount of residue behind after cleaning. Hot Water Extraction contributes to a healthier indoor environment by extracting soil, pollutants, allergens, and sources of bacteria and odor to the outside. More importantly, the Hot Water Extraction or Steam Cleaning method is recommended and often a requirement for carpet warranties, including Shaw Industries.