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Sunshine Chimney Cleaning offers a variety of services to clean and upkeep your chimney. A regular used chimney is an item in your house that should be maintained properly for safety. Accordingly, any work should be done by a professional. For more than 20 years Sunshine Chimney Cleaning’s trained technicians have been making the use of your fireplace and chimney as safe and efficient as possible for your home, and future home owners.

Why Does My Chimney Need To Be Cleaned?

Excess creosote is the most common chimney problem and the main reason people have their chimneys cleaned. Creosote is produced by burning wood. Soft wood (pine, self-starting logs, plywood) produce more creosote than hard wood (oak, aspen, fir) which produce less creosote. Excess build-up of creosote causes fires in the flue and cleaning should be done when creosote buildup reaches 1/8”.

More serious chimney problems include insufficient drawing, downdrafts or sparks flying out the top. Solutions include making the chimney taller (we don’t do), opening the damper or repairing the damper (which we do), or adding wind or spark devices to the chimney’s top (which is called capping, and we do that too!)

Pricing & Scheduling

Some factors to consider when pricing chimney cleaning:

  • Where is the property located?
  • Is it a multi-unit residential complex?
  • How many stories is the chimney?
  • Is it a wood burning fireplace, a freestanding stove or a an insert?

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