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Cleaning A Chimney

When cleaning a chimney our technician cleans it from both the top and inside. Drop cloths are placed and taped around the fireplace opening to catch any ash or soot that may fly out during the cleaning and a special chimney vacuum is used to clean up. Wire brushes that attach to extension poles are the main tool used in cleaning. The brushes fit the opening of the chimney exactly in order to clean the most effectively. (A standard square chimney is 12” x 12” and a standard round chimney is 8” diameter.) Our technician begins at the top of the chimney (on the roof) and then works his way inside the home. The fireplace, damper, smoke chamber and firebox are all brushed out and everything is vacuumed off the smoke shelf behind the damper.

Cleaning A Freestanding Stove

Although it is a little more complicated when there is a bend in the pipe, the same procedure applies for cleaning a stove as it does for cleaning a fireplace. The joints of the pipe are taped off so soot doesn’t get in the house. Our technician takes the pipe apart if the bend is not 45 degrees or greater. Otherwise the pipe is brushed down, the cap brushed down, the stove itself, and all doors and compartments.

Cleaning An Insert Stove

After the drop cloths and vacuum are in place and the chimney is cleaned from the top, the insert is then taken out from the inside and brushed off from above. Next the technician cleans out the fireplace and smoke chamber and then the insert is pushed back in. Finally, the stove itself is cleaned out. This type of stove takes much longer to clean.

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