Frequently Asked House Cleaning Questions

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Do you bring your own cleaning supplies, cleaning agents and equipment?
Yes, we bring everything we need to clean your home. If you have a special product that you like to use on something, we will be happy to use it.
How many people will be in my home during each cleaning?
Typically, there will be two people in your home – a team leader and a team member. On rare occasions, there may be three people or one person. For example, if you need emergency help fast, we may send three people to do the job. If your home is very small, one person may be able to complete the job quickly and thoroughly.
What time will you be at my home?
If you would like us to be at your home at a specific time, we recommend that you sign up for service at the beginning of the day. As we clean homes during the day, we often encounter things that delay our arrival at our next home, like traffic, or a customer who would like some additional help. For midday service, we give you a window of time for our arrival.
Do I need to sign a contract?
No. You may cancel service at any time. Boulder/Longmont Housecleaning also reserves the right to cancel your service at any time.
Do I need to be home?
The first time we come to your home we recommend that you are there in case the cleaners have questions. After that, most of our customers are not home when we clean. We keep detailed information about each client’s home cleaning or special instructions and information regarding pets, access, and alarm codes.
How will you get into my home?
Most customers give us a key to their home or a code to the garage. If you choose not to leave a key and we are unable to access your home for a scheduled cleaning, you will be assessed a lockout fee of $50.00.
What if something is missed or not cleaned properly?
Simply call our office right away and we will have one of our supervisors return to your home within 24 hours to correct anything that needs attention (within the scope of our original cleaning agreement) at no additional charge. Your complete satisfaction is our number one priority.
What happens if my scheduled cleaning falls on a major holiday?
Boulder/Longmont Housecleaning will contact you in advance to reschedule.
How do I pay for the service?
For your convenience, we accept cash, check or credit cards (VISA, MC or AMEX). Payment should be made to the cleaners at the completion of the job, unless prior arrangements have been made with office management.

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