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For more than 20 years, Boulder/Longmont Lawn Mowing (GSC Corporation) of Boulder has been the area’s top name in lawn care services. From basic yard services like lawn mowing to comprehensive lawn maintenance service agreements, our company has the knowledge and staff to get the job done right the first time.

If you need someone to make your yard the envy of everyone in the neighborhood, be sure to check out our list of services. If you are a property manager, contact us to review our competitive management pricing. Here’s some of what we can do to make your lawn and home look fabulous.

Services Include

We provide basic lawn care services in Boulder County on a one time or weekly/bi-weekly basis for home owners, property managers, and facility managers.

  Trimming & Edging
  Weeding & Small Branch Cleanup
  Trimming Bushes & Small Trees
  Raking Leaves and/or Blowing Sidewalks
  Spring & Fall Cleanups
  Snow Removal Services


Frequently Asked Lawn Care Questions

Yes. We can schedule a technician to come out to your home or property and provide you with a written estimate for lawn maintenance.
No. We do not landscape, cut down trees, aerate or diagnose sick or diseased trees, bushes or plants.
Yes. We can schedule your lawn maintenance to occur as frequently or infrequently as you like.
For your convenience, we accept cash, check or credit cards (VISA, MC or AMEX). Payment should be made to the technicians at the completion of the job, unless prior arrangements have been made with office management.

Pricing & Scheduling

All of our lawn care services are priced hourly and our pricing is competitive.

For lawn maintenance or to set up an appointment:


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Lawn Mowing Services for Boulder County

There’s no Boulder lawn care service too large or too small for us to handle. Whether you live in the suburbs of Boulder, Louisville or Superior and have only about 5,000 square feet of lawn or live in rural areas between Boulder and Longmont and have several acres, we have the equipment to get you on track. Using commercial mowing units, we can reduce the hours spent on a large job while also putting a fresh, attractive mowing lines on your front or back lawn. If your yard is a bit more compact, we’ll use a push mower to get you the cut that adds beauty to your yard.

We understand that the frequency of rain affects how much your grass grows, so we offer flexible services that can change according to your needs. If you feel like your lawn doesn’t need service one particular week, just give us a call. Otherwise, we can set up a weekly or biweekly schedule to keep your home looking great from spring to fall.

Trimming and Edging

If you have sidewalks, trees, or any flower beds in your yard, you know how quickly they can become overgrown if not cared for properly. Grass starts to grow where it isn’t wanted, leaving you to go painstakingly from tree to tree to cut it down to size. Plus, you may not have the tools or attire to do the job efficiently and to keep you safe throughout.

With our trimming and edging services, you don’t have to worry about putting the final touches on your lawn. Once we’re done mowing, we immediately start to cut the areas that our mowers can’t reach. If there’s a single blade of grass we can still see emerging from the lawn, we’ll chop it down to size. We also use edgers to keep grass at bay along sidewalks that lead to your house. Once we’re done, you’ll love how nice your finely manicured lawn looks.

Weeding and Small Branch Clean up

Besides lawn mowing, other yard maintenance services we offer are weeding and branch removal. During the spring and summer, weeds begin another step in their life cycle by releasing seeds into the air that are then deposited into your flower beds. If they aren’t removed quickly, they spread throughout the yard, ruining the lawn you put so much energy into creating.

When we give your home a trim, we don’t miss these details. Whether there are thousands of weeds or just one, we’ll make sure to remove them so that your lawn looks its best. We can also offer advice on how to prevent weeds in the future.

If you have trees in your yard, we go the extra mile by removing any branches or twigs that have strayed into your yard or lawn. When this debris is removed, it not only makes your lawn look better but also eliminates potential safety hazards if you’re walking barefoot or playing outside with your family.

Trimming Bushes and Small Trees

For us, trimming isn’t just a necessary part of lawn care; it’s an art form. With proper trimming of small trees and bushes, your plants can stay beautiful as well as healthy. Our yard care professionals have received training in lawn care so that your lawn can feature thicker foliage, leaves, and flowers. Trimming also helps prevent disease or overgrowth caused by new branches emerging from the ground or trunk.

Using a power or manual trimmer, we’ll give the bushes in your yard the cut they need and shape them beautifully so that you don’t have to stress over where to trim or cut. Over time, we’ll shape your trees and bushes into the attractive pieces you’ve always wanted in your yard.

Raking Leaves and Blowing Sidewalks

Once we’ve taken care of the big stuff, it’s time to put the finishing touches on our work. When we’re finished cutting, we make sure to clear off every inch of driveway and sidewalk so that you’ll never even know we were there. During the fall, we’ll also rake and remove leaves to reveal the thick green carpet underneath. By letting us take care of these two jobs, you’ll have a few more things you can scratch off your to-do list.

Spring and Fall Cleanups

Keeping a beautiful yard in Boulder requires more than just routine maintenance. In spring time in Colorado there is a lot to clean up from the winter. Also during this time your grass and plants begin the season with a burst of growth, and sometimes you don’t have the time or resources to keep your yard looking great. During our spring cleanup, we’ll get you ready for the upcoming season by taking care of some of the heavier, yet essential tasks. This includes pruning dead branches, cutting back perennials, and cleaning debris off paths and patios. In the fall, we prep your lawn for the ensuing winter by dethatching, aerating, and performing any other service you need done to keep your grass strong throughout the coming season. Relax we’ve got it!

Snow Removal Services

Even though your lawn and plants lie dormant in the winter, that doesn’t mean your yard is always perfect. When the Boulder area winters hit, you need someone to remove the snow that accumulates. With our professional snow removal equipment and highly trained team, we’ll have all your driveways and walkways cleared in only a short time, leaving you with a safe path to travel even when the weather isn’t exactly ideal.

Interested in our one time or regular maintenance services?

Don’t let your yard suffer when you don’t have the time to keep it looking its best. Instead, contact GSC to get—and keep—your lawn looking its best. We provide estimates to help you stay within your budget, and our home care services and professional attitude are second to none. When we’re done with your yard, you’ll wonder why it took you so long to call.

Your property deserves the best, and we’re here to help!
Let us know what you're looking for!