Frequently Asked Trash Removal Questions

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Do you provide weekly trash hauling services for residences or commercial properties?
Do you provide dumpsters or roll-offs?
Do you take hazardous materials?
Since we are charged as a commercial hauler at the dump, the cost for us to take hazardous materials would be enormous. We recommend that you take any hazardous materials yourself to Western Disposal for free.
Do I have to be home when you pick up the trash?
It is not necessary for you be home when our drivers come to haul the trash away. As long as payment arrangements have been made in advance and you are available by phone to approve the cost at the time of the job you do not need to be on site. However, once we take the trash, you cannot get it back. Make sure the trash is piled out of the way of items you want to keep, such as grills, trash cans, etc.
How far in advance must I schedule?
Usually 2 -3 days notice is plenty, depending on the size of the job. Sometimes we are able to provide same day service if we have the time and man power available when you call
Will you take just one item like a refrigerator or couch?
Will you take the items from the yard, shed, basement, attic, or inside the house?
Can I help load?
How do I pay for the service?
For your convenience, we accept cash, check or credit cards (VISA, MC or AMEX). Payment should be made to the drivers at the completion of the job, unless prior arrangements have been made with office management.

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