14 Aug 2014

Don’t be Caught Off-Guard by Boulder Winters

With the end of summer approaching, Boulderites will welcome the first snowfall with open arms, hand warmers and bulky coats. While rain can be sparse throughout the summer months, snowfall frequents the charming town during the winter season. This frequency provides a welcome break from the heat and dryness that’s ever present from June to August.

Boulder’s elevation peaks at 5,430 feet and offers residents easy access to the Rocky Mountains. Visitors and residents alike have many adventures at their fingertips—hiking, biking and skiing to name just a few—and with nearly 250 days of sunshine, they make the most of them. Boulder is a beautiful place in every season, but winter is an especially treasured time.READ MORE

24 Jul 2014

What To Look For in a Snow Removal Company

With wintery months right around the corner, our team is busy prepping, training and gearing up for the snow and ice ahead. General Services Corporation is a well-equipped organization, ready to tackle snowfall as early as September. We trust in our readiness and encourage you to do the same.

It’s never too early to begin selecting a Boulder snow and ice removal company. Your HOA, home residence, business or corporation should be serviced by the finest. We’ve supplied you with the appropriate attributes to look for when choosing a company. Your life shouldn’t be halted due to snow and ice storms, leave that to the professionals.READ MORE

06 Aug 2012

How clean is clean?

This is the first of a three part article that will discuss the different types of carpet cleaning available on the market today. Our hope is that this will help you to choose the method that is right for you.READ MORE

30 Jul 2012

Fireplaces vs. Wood Burning Stoves

While fireplaces may be wonderful for setting a romantic mood, they are relatively inefficient when it comes to heating the home. On average, an operating open-wood burning fireplace can have efficiencies ranging up to 15 percent, depending upon its type and operation. However, if there is no fire and the damper is left open, a fireplace can actually have a “negative efficiency” as warm air from the house escapes through the chimney.

Wood stoves are more efficient at heating a room or home with the same amount of wood, in comparison to a fireplace. This is because a stove is closed and controlled.READ MORE

12 Jun 2012

15 Ways To Ensure Sustainable Green Cleaning Products

Sustainability is a big buzzword these days, but what exactly does it mean? Sustainability is meeting your current needs without having a negative impact on the needs of future generations. In short it is the capacity to endure.

This term is being used more and more with respect to saving our planet which means so much in protecting our family’s health. But what does it mean in regards to green cleaning?

Our world is a wasteful one. We can see this just be looking around to see the amount of excessive packaging associated with nearly everything we purchase. In addition, more and more products are not designed to be repaired, but rather to be replaced. Each of these practices not only clogs up our landfills, but also hurts our wallets.READ MORE

26 Apr 2012

10 Quick Landscape Fixes

A few fast and simple landscaping changes can make a world of difference. These fixes will improve the appearance of your lawn and garden and reduce time and energy spent on upkeep.

Follow these simple steps to keep your landscape looking great:READ MORE

06 Mar 2012

Spring Cleaning: Shaking the House

Well, it’s that time of year again. The cold weather is almost gone and that means Spring. Oh sure, we may have a couple more snow storms before it’s all said and done, but for now, the sun is out, it is 70 degrees and our phone has been lighting up with calls from you.READ MORE

01 Jul 2011

Hiring A Snow Removal Contractor

Even though this is the Fourth of July weekend, many of the property managers and facility managers in our area are already planning for the upcoming snow season. They know that securing a contractor is important and many want to get it off their plate in order to deal with the business of managing their property and retaining tenants.

Before you hire the first company that pops up in the search engine, Professional Snow Removal recommends the following tips:READ MORE

20 Apr 2011

Clean is not enough

If you think of your home as a haven from pollution, we’ve got some bummer news. Levels of pollutants in indoor air can average anywhere from two to more than 100 times higher than outdoors, according to the U.S. EPA. That indoor pollution is due in large part to volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that evaporate, or “offgas,” from home decorating and cleaning products.READ MORE

16 Nov 2010

The blacker the bird, the cleaner the chimney

Imagine a Sweeping Goose… a chimney sweeping goose. Years ago, (I’ve been told) live geese were used to clean chimneys. A rope was tied around the bird and then thrown down the chimney flue. The frightened goose would flap his wings and clean the chimney.

Now, for those of us without a goose, calling a reputable chimney cleaner to inspect and clean our chimney is the most civilized, safest and best thing to do. An un-swept chimney can burn. Soot and creosote deposits accumulate in the flue until, worst case scenario, they burst into flames causing a chimney fire.READ MORE

23 Sep 2010

Finding a Winter Services Provider

Although today is technically the first full day of fall, we here at Professional Snow Removal are gearing up for the first storm of the winter. As a property manager, building owner, or homeowner, now is also the time to start thinking about a winter service provider for your properties.

Especially in these times, many people choose to go with the cheapest option out there. However, this is not always the best option. So what should you look for when choosing a winter service provider? Here are a few basic questions to ask when looking at your options.READ MORE

21 Jul 2010

Lawn maintenance 101

Summer days mean lots of sun, fun and hopefully a yard that will hold up to the weather as well as outdoor gatherings. Most people want to have a nice lawn all year, but this is true especially during the summer months here in Colorado when we spend more time outside. Two of the main focuses for homeowners this time of year include summer projects and weed control. The following are some tips for keeping your lawn healthy and looking great throughout the summer months.READ MORE