04 Feb 2021

Top Snow Removal Tips and Tricks You Need To Know About

Watching the snowfall from inside can be comforting, especially with a nice hot beverage. But not so much if you need to run to the store to restock the pantry or pick up your kids from school.

Getting your errands done quickly is usually the goal (and in some cases is even required by law). Plus, the buildup of snow on your car and in your driveway can add extra time, increasing your chances of getting stuck in traffic or being late.


26 Jan 2021

Here Are the Best DIY Yard Activities for the Winter

After a long and stressful year of lockdowns, you might be feeling a little stir crazy. And you’ve probably been encouraged to stay indoors longer than you’d hoped.

You and your family might be running out of ways to entertain yourselves indoors. But while it’s safer to keep the fun inside there’s nothing wrong with mixing it up just a bit. All you need are some comfy shoes (or slippers) and your favorite hot beverage.


05 Jan 2021

What to Look for in a Backyard Fire Pit

Since we’ll all be spending a whole lot of time at home this winter, it’s the perfect year to make your backyard a relaxing escape for your whole family.

It’s a La Niña year, so Boulder County home owners can probably expect warmer, dryer conditions than normal this winter. That means you can look forward to spending more time out back, enjoying the 300 days of sunshine that Colorado sees a year.